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Refractory Technology

26. November 2017 - 29. November 2017

Refractory Materials and Slags in the Metallurgy

Maintenance and operating personnel, supervisors respon-sible for plant and unit operations, and managers responsible for decisions on refractory problems will learn about new materials and installation methods. Refractory installers, third party inspectors, and contract maintenance personnel will particularly benefit from detailed discussions on new installation techniques and materials.

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Directed by

Dipl.-Geol. J., Hartenstein, Subject “Refractories Materials”
Dr.-Ing. H. Lachmund, Subject “Slags”


Basics on chemical and mineralogical composition of refractory material and slag / Testing and evaluation of refractory materials in the laboratory / Dolomite refractories in the steel industry / Synthetic alumina raw material and high alumina cement / Insulating materials for the steel industry / The world of monolithics / Machines for processing and delivering refractory concretes and sprayable refractories / Lime- and dolomite products for steelmaking / Blast furnace process and slags / Oxygen steel making process / Secondary metallurgy / Synthetic slags / Basic bricks for the steel industry / Production and use of Blast furnace slags and steel slags

Registration Fee

EUR 1.466 (EUR 1.190 registration fee VAT-free plus EUR 276 conference package) /
EUR 1.266* (EUR 990* registration fee VAT-free plus EUR 276 conference package)

* for employees of member companies and individual members of the Steel Institute VDEh

The conference package includes food and beverages during the seminar.

A free withdrawal from the seminar is possible until 2 weeks prior to the start. Then, 25 % of the seminar fee must be paid. The total registration amount will be charged for no show or cancellation from the first day of the event. The participant also has to bear the cancellation costs of the seminar hotel.



art’otel Cologne
Holzmarkt 4
50676 Cologne, GERMANY

Once we have confirmed your place on the seminar the Steel Academy will automatically make a room booking for the participants at the art’otel Cologne from 26.11. to 29.11.2017 for a special rate of EUR 99/night incl. breakfast. The hotel room bill will be settled by you upon departure. Please advice at registration, if you do not need a reservation or whether you would like to stay longer in the hotel.


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